Hersteller: CenterPoint Archery

CenterPoint Bolzen Lighted 20 Zoll 3 Stück

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Hersteller: CenterPoint Archery

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New to the CenterPoint® Archery crossbow accessory lineup, this 3-pack of premium crossbow arrows has all the features needed in the field. Each 20-inch arrow shaft is made of 100% carbon fiber with a .344-inch OD and a .300-inch ID, hand fletched with 3-inch shield-cut Bohning X vanes and finished with 110-grain lead-free brass inserts. Top it all off with red-lighted half-moon nocks optimized for CenterPoint Archery crossbows. The total weight of each arrow is 345-grains, ideal for target and hunting sports and comes with an ICE coating for improved penetration and easier removal from foam targets perfect for practice or 3D competitions.